Julia Westlin

Vox Pops – Show #0 (27/05/2015)

Welcome to the ‘pilot’ edition of my brand new show – produced and syndicated by Artisan Broadcast – which has gone down great with several radio stations around the globe and their listeners. The first ‘Featured Artist‘ to be featured on the show this week is self-taught singer Julia Westlin.


Text notification from MMS spreads virus?

On the heel of the tech press reporting a rise in smartphone virus risks recently, reminding us all that we’re now carrying a full function mini computer in our pockets these days, a trusted friend of mine flagged up a potential new risk today. The text message is very similar to that sent by your provider when your MMS settings are not configured correctly. In these cases you’re asked to visit the provider’s website to collect the image or video you have been sent. In this instance you are sent to a URL, which doesn’t include the provider’s official domain, only...


The dawn of Social Technology?

Social Technology is not a new thing. Whilst the term is one only used since the 19th century, I feel it has been evolving since we first sent a message to another person by way of sending smoke signals or beating a drum. The only difference now is that we use a different medium to share information and connect with other people on a daily basis. If you ‘Google it’ – a modern turn of phrase that is born out of the very subject I am writing about – the term is defined as follows: “Social technology” is defined as applying the use...